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My Goal.

These portraits are school photos that will be hung on a wall not left in a drawer. I aim to take photos of Meaningful, organic moments that capture kids exactly who they are. Fine art school photography is Honest and timeless, making parents fall in love with every snapshot.

“These are literally the best pictures. I am so happy you guys went with a personal photographer over a corporate one. These are so special.”

Mom, San Antonio, Texas

I offer service that is professional and personal. I only accommodate a certain number of schools each school year so that every photo is taken with artistic integrity. This also allows me to give each school the absolute best service.

With 20 years of experience working with kids and raising 5 kids of my own, I create a safe space where kids can be themselves, honest and free. Smiles are never forced, friendships are built, and sweet faces are captured.

“Thank you so much! I love them all. It’s so hard to choose!”

Caregiver, San Antonio, Texas

Who are Fine Art Portrait for?

I can accommodate all sizes of schools, from smallest to largest. Meaningful portraits are for the schools who want to give their families beautiful snapshots that will last a lifetime.

Oh! Teachers + Staff, too!

How does it work?

We pick a week that works best with your school schedule and we work together to make an easy and fun experience during a school day. (For kids AND teachers)

I provide you with printable pdfs of flyers and stickers, if you choose, to help advertise and communicate about picture day.

After taking photos of all the kiddos, I edit them and send galleries DIRECTLY TO YOUR PARENTS for ordering. I provide email communication and updates, answer all questions, and fulfill all orders. Photo galleries will be to caregivers in less than two weeks.

We can also book a makeup date for kids who aren’t able to make the original dates and times.

Once orders are finalized, I print, package and deliver directly to your school for distribution.

What will this cost my caregivers?

I offer affordable packages starting at $20 as well as fine art prints, Digital options and speciality items. Caregivers can also purchase individual prints and Digitals. There are options that work with every budget.

The kids LOVED your sessions. They all said it was great and that’s saying a lot! My kids are opinionated”

Mom of 3, including twins, San Antonio, Texas

There is no cost to the school, and 10% of gross profits are donated back to your organization.

What does the school receive?

Besides the donation, your school will receive a digital album of all the students to be used for your purposes.

What time of year can we do take photos?

I am available anytime throughout your school year, and recommend we quickly book your desired month. Like I mentioned before, I only take a limited amount of schools so that I can provide the absolute best service and portraits to your families.


2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR

Fill out the information below and I will get back to you ASAP so we can make plans for your kids to have meaningful and honest school portraits! Don’t want to wait, call or text me 210-241-4091.

OMG! TOO adorable. Thank you!!

caregiver, San Antonio, Texas