Tiffany Crawford Photography Portfolio

A toddler beats the Texas heat at Hemisphere Splash Pad Summer 2022
A grandfather and his grandsons shelling corn in the middle of a road in Carmonial Dominican Republic. June 2016
SWAT arrives in Downtown San Antonio during George Floyd protests in August 2020.
Teenagers lay out on Seal Beach, California, Summer 2022
A group of protesters stand in agreement during a Black Lives Matter walk. Travis Park, San Antonio August 2022
Dominican Kids’ soccer game is interrupted by a stray bull on the streets on Carmonial, Dominican Republic. June 2016
A business owner downtown San Antonio lets the public know he is open amidst George Floyd protests. August 2022
A friend helps as emotions rise when SWAT arrives during George Floyd Protests in downtown San Antonio August 2020.
Kids learn to put fires with the San Antonio Fire Department out at a Safe Kids safety event. April 2017