Organic Moments

My life is simply snapshot after snapshot, click after click, of moments with my five kids, my husband and my life serving people. When I am able to translate these life-giving memories into a photo I become my best me.  I love to capture people in front of the camera when they forget that they are in front of the camera. Conversations, glances, giggles…all the things we do when we are close to people, when we love people.

IMG_3569I currently live in San Antonio, Texas and my heart often wanders back to the beaches of Florida. With so much sunshine, natural light is my absolute favorite way to photograph. There is beauty all around us, and with just the right light, I find I edit my photographs minimally. I desire your photos to express who you really are. When you’re great-great grand-kids are sitting around at Christmas looking at your photo, I want them to see the real you.

My work is a reflection of my heart for beauty, for things in this world, for you.

Let’s spend time together…


maybe even crying….

but let’s spend time, pouring into each other, enriching each other for just a moment. And when I capture those moments in milliseconds, you can hold onto them forever.

Look through my portfolio, take a peek at my blog, and then call me.

I love you already!