There are few things in the world that unify the human spirit.  These things remind us that beyond ethnicity, race, social status, location and history, we are in fact, all humans with a desire to love and be loved. We all must be born, we all must die. Every human can laugh, can cry, can hold a hand, can receive a hug, can wipe away tears–even when their own heart is breaking.  Compassion, love, loss, laughter it is what makes all people unite souls to bear the harshness and the goodness of this world.


Carmonial, San Juan, Domincan Republic is the first step of my journey of uncovering all that is hUmaNITY. I will spend a lifetime attempting to capture, for that brief millisecond, all that brings us together in this life. Come with me on my journey, and capture your own moments, even if only in your mind. hUmaNITY is the journey of discovering  all the ways that we are different, yet all that ways we are simply the same.


Posted in: HUMANITY

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