How Snowfall Brings Christmas Magic

A few weeks ago I was minding my own business, getting dressed doing what I do. I was still on a high from the magical snowfall in San Antonio.  I had never ever seen snow falling from the sky.  It felt like Christmas.

On my merry way I go.  I come around the corner and start down the stairs, my husband meets me half way and hands me a card.

The card says he loves me, it says we are great together, it says that he hopes I love my present.  I walked down the stairs, he opens the door and then this (WARNING: I may curse a little):

He gets a kick out of surprising me. I usually have SOME sort of idea, but this year…I obviously had no clue. I was shocked and I am so, so grateful. And I’m so grateful that my daughter was home to capture it so I can have forever memories.

Merry Christmas to me, and a Happy New Year to you sweet friends!! May 2018 be filled with snowfall & surprises, checking off items on your bucket list and incredible love.

xo -Tiffany

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