Take the Picture

Growing up my grandmother was so important to me.  She was constantly on new diets and talking about how she needed to lose weight.  She was an almost six foot tall German woman…Big Boned is what we like to call ourselves.

She passed away Christmas morning ten years ago.  I love going through old photos of her.  I am literally transported back to sitting on her lap being rocked.  While digging through an old box, my family and I found this photo, and it is my favorite photo ever.

omie and pop

When I chat with moms about taking photos I hear two things: 1. I don’t have any pics of me and my kids because I’m always the one taking them and 2. I will take professional photos when I lose 10 pounds.

Not once when I see a photo of my grandmother do I think, “Wow.  I can’t believe she took that photo without losing 10 pounds first.”

No I think about her love and how she made everyone eat when they came into her house, even if they weren’t hungry.  I think about how giving she was and how she never knew a stranger.  Everyone was part of our family and welcome, her door was always open even if she was mad at you.

I write this to encourage you to take the picture.  You are beautiful and perfect just as you are.  Your family wants have photos with you. Your kids NEED to have all the memories. There’s no better time than now.

Take the picture.




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