The (3) Things I’ve LOVED about 2020

Can you believe that we are on the downhill of 2020. October is here, with it’s pumpkin spice and leaves and scarfs *not in texas* and all the fall things that make us feel warm and cozy. Meanwhile, on my front porch sits a mat that says welcome spring.

Somehow I lost some months. I don’t remember summer, and I am in awe how quickly this year passed. I say goodbye happily to 2020, yet there are things about this year that have been so amazing.

I have loved the slower pace of life. I have enjoyed the time of not having something to do every single night of the week. I’ve loved the time I have been able to spend with my family.

I’ve spent more time in the kitchen. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of cooking, my husband and I cooked together so many nights because we weren’t running from one thing to the other. We experimented and got to sit down at the table with the kids for dinner. It was heaven for me.

I have loved the opportunity for real creativity. I have dared to dream differently about my future and the stories I want to tell. People’s stories, important stories, maybe even the truth of mine.

The common thread of all these things I’ve loved about 2020 is the word INTIMATE. The close moments with my kids, my family, my thoughts have been something I’ve loved so deeply. Even though we all hope that craziness ends, I hope that intimacy and closeness remain. For the rest of 2020 and into our future.

Wishing you connection and intimate moments. And so excited that I might get to capture those with you soon.


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