Photo Shoot Fashion Made Easy

I want your PHOTOSHOOT DAY to be stress free and fun while making amazing memories with your family. Finding the perfect outfit for you to feel your best in is the first step in making our time together the absolute best!

Mom always gets to pick first! Usually it’s hardest for mom to find what she wants to wear, so finding her outfit is a priority. After you pick your colors look for a dress that you love then everyone else’s outfits can be built around yours.

I love to shop at Walmart…in fact, lately I have found more clothes I love at Walmart than Target.

Here are a few outfits I threw together one afternoon….

Go FITTED or FLOW-Y or CASUAL. Wear whatever makes you feel YOU!! ;

Here are a few more fun spots to shop:

Marshalls/ TJ Maxx usually has super cute dresses, especially during the fall

Old Navy comes out with great dresses for mom, and outfits for the whole family.

Amazon ! But make sure to order one or two choices in case the sizing isn’t accurate.

Where do you find your cutest outfits?? Comment and share your fashionista expertise!!

You look amazing already!

xo- Ms. Tiff.


I am available to help you pick your photoshoot outfits? You can text me pics…or FaceTime me in during your shopping spree…or just let me reassure you that you are amazing an BEAUTIFUL..and I can’t wait to take photos of you and your family!!

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