Are Your Kids Missing the First Day Of School Vibes?

I know we are. I loved taking my kids to buy school supplies and watching them pick out their first day of school outfits, laying it out on the floor so that it looks like a person!! Then there is all the nervous excited-ness of going back to see their friends.
Our kids are in a new world right now and I’m praying for each of them…It can’t be easy.
Let’s make a new memory with back to school photos this year!
Let’s grab a popsicle, or a big lemonade… let them pick out their “back to school”outfit and lay it out, just so they can remember this crazy time…and start their school year off with a bang.
I will even chat with them about their dreams and their future and send them mail throughout the school year….everyone LOVES getting mail (that’s NOT bills).
Message me for your session.  $175 for a 20 minute session and 5 photos. (sibling photos for $50  extra) 
Let’s do it!  Only 10 slots available! 
Message me 210-241-4091
Can’t wait to see you and encourage your kids as the new year starts!
xoxo-Ms. Tiff

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