Be Proud, Mama!

Who would have thought when I took Porch photos during our quarantine that we would have started school like we have?  I know the countless worries we had for our kids, their communities, their mental health.  Yet here we are, school on line, masks on faces, no sports, missing friends.
But look at our kids– Slaying it! I always say kids are like bouncy balls, they are so resilient, but they have to have someone who puts them into motion and makes them bounce back.  And that’s YOU.
Be proud, Mama! I know how involved you are, and how you love to make every moment meaningful.  You’ve set up workspaces and still took first day of school photos. You washed all their pajamas and made sure to have more than sandwiches for their lunch.
Because of you, our kids are going to be okay. We might need wine, but our kids will be just fine.
Thank you for making great kids. Our world needs them…our world needs you!
xo -Tiffany

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