Why Moments are Meaningful

I can’t believe that we are one month closer to the end of 2020. Good riddance, I say. The seniors of the 2020 class got such a bad deal. Not only did they miss prom and senior skip day, they missed out on the true celebration of a 13 year accomplishment.

Amidst the craziness, I was able to spend time with some amazing graduates to take photos. And when this mom said this to me, I literally teared up:

Taking photos was Ethan’s favorite senior memory.

Somehow, a simple photoshoot became a meaningful memory. Somehow, spending a morning together became more than the photos…it became moments that will last forever. It became something that offered a glimpse of redemption to a pile of disappointments.

This is exactly what my photography is about. It’s so much more than just the photos you end up with. It’s about meaningful moments…meaningful memories…and light in the darkness.

I try so desperately to capture the connections, and the laughter, and smiles and even sometimes the tears. So that it is not just a photograph you look at five years from now, but that feeling you remember of that moment that you can hold in your heart forever.

Meaningful. Intimate. Organic. Honest.

Let’s make memories,

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