Lie #2–My kids are too wild to take photos

In last week’s blog I talked about how you’re heartbreaking perspective of yourselves stops you from taking photos. Everyone wants to lose 10 pounds, but you’re beautiful just as you are.

The 2nd lie I hear from all of you is this —

My kids are just too crazy to take photos. Maybe in a few years.

Here’s a few things to know:

You don’t have a few years. Kids grow up too fast.

If I do anything well, it’s build friendships with kids of all ages. I love hanging out with kids so I can actually get to know them. And they get to know me. We become fast friends. And it’s the best part of my job.

A child cannot scare me off. There is no kid too rambunctious or one that cries too much, or runs too fast. I have 20+ years experience working with kids (this is where you say…no way, you’re too young to have that much experience.) I am a former children’s pastor + youth pastor. I’ve worked with kids who have experienced trauma and have trained teachers and social workers on how to work with kids. It’s kinda my thing.

The expectation for perfectly sitting children around a fire in the fireplace is not my type of photography. STORY TIME– during a Christmas shoot one year, I watched another photographer take photos of a cute little family. The mom was screaming and yelling at her kids to be quiet and hush their mouths and smile. Everything about those photos were fake. I’m about honesty.

I prefer to just have my camera ready and chase your kids around if necessary. I like kids to be kids. I’m perfectly okay with that. The natural smiles, the organic moments are the most meaningful to me.

You don’t have to worry one second about me judging you as a mama. Kids are their own humans and make their own decisions. If those choose to lick the sidewalk, that’s the choice of a 4 year old boy, not the result of the way you parent.

Photo sessions with me are a chance for mom and dad to take a load off. You don’t have to worry about them, direct them or even talk to them if you don’t want. I got it! you just enjoy the moment.

By the way, this is Elias, his mom commented on my IG and told me that He still talks about the time he took pictures with Ms. Tiff. Makes my heart so so happy.

No child too wild. I love them all!!


p.s. have a story of me taking photos of your kids…Share it with me on my Facebook. I would love to hear it!

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