When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough

I went an entire month without speaking to you. How rude! November was so crazy for me. Crazy in a good way, but still crazy. This time of the year is normally some of my busiest weekends. And it’s been amazing. I have spent time with so many friends, vintage and new, taking photos, laughing and feeding their kids candy.

It’s a good thing I spent the entire month of November focused on this idea of Grit and Grace. I think as women we often have the grit to get through…but don’t really extend ourselves the grace to make mistakes, procrastinate, fail completely, or just rest. I know there are days I just reflect on what I did that I day and am like, ” why did I even get out of bed?” We spend so much time making list, making kids happy, doing all the things we are ‘supposed’ to do….like here’s a question for you…..

Why are the moms in charge of the menus for the rest of our lives?

Like why do we have to be the ones who decide what’s for dinner allllll the time? No one told me that when I was little, no princess story or even Rom-Com prepared us. (Hats off to your ladies who have men who do the cooking and the menu planning. #blessed).

That’s what pizza is though. It’s grace. The grit is menu planning, getting the groceries, and even after a long day, making spaghetti from a jar for your family to not eat at Chik-Fil-a one more night. The grace is saying, I have nothing left to give and that’s okay…so we are ordering pizza.

I pray for you in this upcoming season of Christmas that you will finish the year of 2020 with Grit and Grace. Grit to put up the tree (I have no idea when I’m going to do that), grit to finish the gift shopping before December 24, the grit to hold on to your dreams…..and the Grace. The Grace to forgive yourself for forgetting to move the Elf, the Grace to say, “I didn’t make time to take family photos again this year….” (it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere, we have the Spring)…the Grace to NOT check something off the list. I want you to have the grace to look at yourself in the mirror without shame and say I’ve done enough today…and I’m enough just as I am.

Enjoy your holidays with your family. Don’t put up that last strand of garland, hold your baby a little longer and watch Elf one more time.

Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!

Grit and Grace,

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