For All the Queens of Procrastination

Look at how cute my kids are !! This photo has no relevance but to show you their cute faces.

Just so you know, I am the ACTUAL Queen of Procrastination. If I can put it off, I will. I’ve gotten better, no lie. But if I can wait until the day before Christmas to go to the grocery store, I will. And I did.

Somehow, things get done. Usually not in anyone else’s time frame–ESPECIALLY my husbands–but it gets done. It doesn’t help that 2020 threw us every single curve ball. Our resolutions from the beginning of the year are obsolete and forgiven. I know though, that some of you REALLY wanted to get your family photos done THIS YEAR. I mean 2020 was going to be that year you checked it off your list…and here we are…just a few days from the end of the year.

So here is all the grace extended to you….

for all the things you didn’t get done in 2020.

All the resolutions that went unresolved…

All the pounds we gained –all of them…

all of the workouts we chose to skip….

all of the fast-food we picked up…

all of the changes we never mind…

and all of the photos we should have taken.

To the new year… the new year where we bring the HOPE instead of just hoping for the best.

Happy new year…many many blessings to you and yours.


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