Do You Know This Meme Story? You Should.

Quen Blackwell

Ever heard of her ?? Maybe not, but you’ve probably seen her. In Memes around the world, on ads in foreign countries, and even on homework assignments, Quen Blackwell is this girl:

I was so in awe when I heard her story… Here’s the short of it (full video posted below)

Quen became famous on Vine. She tried to use her fame to promote her family’s skincare business and the internet does what it does best–it turned on her. The people who hide behind their keyboards Called her fake and basically cyberbullied her into an eating disorder. The online hatred and need for acceptance was too much for her.

One day when she was driving around, upset and malnourished, she wanted to drive into oncoming traffic and end her life.

She came home and recorded herself in hysterics and on the verge of suicide….

and poof…

it becomes a meme.

It struck me how easily we create our own narratives to photos. We can look at a family photo and assume they all get along, never fight. We can glimpse a photo of an “influencer” one think how confident they must be. We see the cutest couple and imagine them hand in hand every moment.

Our brain is absolutely wired for story. Did you know that? We create stories because it helps us to make sense of the world….it helps us to prepare ourselves for what we haven’t experienced and gives us answers to the questions we have floating around in our hearts.

Photos are part of that, I think. I know when I dig through old photos of my family from before I had memories, each picture helps to piece together a little of my life. Even when I come across photos I remember being taken of me, I can travel back to that time in my life, gently reminding me of how far I’ve come, the wisdom I’ve gained and how far I have to go yet.

In every photo, there are stories, deep + meaningful stories, stories that define us and stories that we refuse to allow to define us…

Thankfully, Quen is healing and has gained incredible wisdom from that time in her life. She can look back on this photo/Meme with peace. This photo may be that reminder to her of the mess she was, so that she can celebrate the young woman she has become.

Quen Blackwell today.

I hope that same for you. That you can see photos for their stories–their very important stories.

Meaningful, intimate, honest stories.


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