The Sad Story of No Wedding Photos

At the end of August, my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 17 years! I remember the day like it was yesterday…not that I have photos to rummage through…or even one hanging on my wall. I do have a few blurry shots, but nothing more.

How can a photographer NOT have wedding photos??

At the time, I wasn’t a photographer. We were on a budget—which basically meant we had NOTHING (like nothing) to spend. We got married in my mom’s backyard with just a few people, I wore flip flops. I didn’t know any better, honestly. I didn’t have anyone tell me–hey you’ll totally regret not having them.

But guess what? I totally regret not having them! I think I would have even postponed my wedding to get the money for great photography if I understood the pain I would experience every year remembering how I wasn’t wise enough to hire a photographer.

So for our anniversary this year, I wrangled in the 3 of my 5 kids t and they become our photographers, directors and lighting experts. We went downtown and they took our photos. We had the greatest time!

To avoid a lifetime of regret (and I’m not being dramatic) Here is my advice–

  • Hire the photographer!! For your wedding, hire someone to capture the moments…before know it —it will be 20 years later. You’ll wonder where the time went, you’ll want the photos.
  • If you haven’t taken photos in a while, there is no time like the year 2020. Seriously–this year has been crazy. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do–and take those pictures. With your spouse, with your kids. However it looks for you and your family.
  • Gift your family members with a photoshoot. I see people on my Facebook celebrating their parents’ 40th anniversary. Or grandparents who are turning 90! Take the photo. Share that gift with your family, with your kids and grandkids. Time is fleeting…

I’m here for you whatever and whenever you are ready!! Take the meaningful, organic, intimate, honest photographs.

xoxo Tiff

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  1. Who would have thought the now amazing photographer wouldn’t have taken any wedding pictures. I love that y’all finally did! Just beautiful! ❤️😍

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