What You Say to Break My Heart.

I talk with moms all the time about taking photos. When I tell them, “Girl, we have to set up a photoshoot…” Their answer often breaks my heart.

The answer isn’t “NO.” It’s not even. “No, you suck as a photographer.” or even “No, it’s not really in our budget.”

I can handle all of the rejection, even the honesty of not liking my particular aesthetic or the reality of not having the budget. What wrenches my heart every single time is these top two answers:

“I’m too fat to take photos.

I need to lose at least 10 pounds”

Let me say this first…I understand. I SERIOUSLY understand. I have birthed 3 babies and at one point, because of my health, I had gained 30 pounds. Even now as I am growing older, I hate my ever deepening wrinkles…and I definitely hate to exercise, so there’s the consequences of that.

But I’ve never ever ever EVER ever looked at a photograph of my grandmother or my mom and thought “wow, I wish she would have lost 13 pounds before taking this photo with us.” When I see a photo of my grandmother I think wow, I have her chin …and she was beautiful ….and I remember how it felt to hold her hand.

This is what is important —meaningful moments and the memories we get to freeze for a millisecond. We get to hold onto the moments for our lifetime. How beautiful is that?

It’s amazing! But not as beautiful as you. And I seriously mean that.

Let’s be a group of women who love ourselves so much that it outflows into how much our kids love themselves. Let’s take the photo, so that our kids can say, “Mom, I remember how much fun that was, I have your smile.”

Let’s take the photos… let’s capture those honest moments of love and connection with you and your family. You’re amazing, you’re beautiful, just as you are.

xoxo- Tiff

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