Yes! I said three seniors graduating from high school.  My heart is rumbling with just ONE of mine graduating, I would not imagine how to get through THREE.  It’s safe to say that mom is more #done than they are.


These kids laughed, and were sassy and teased each other, all while negotiating where to go to lunch with mom.  Red Lobster may have been suggested.  Which, after a few hours of changing and taking photos and hiking through woods and wrestling with balloons, these kids deserved a good meal…I’m pretty certain they ended up at Cane’s!

I loved talking to them about their interests and their future, and all the unknowns that come with trying to put it all together. Seniors truly are the best, and these THREE, well, they are absolutely fabulous!


Country Girls Run the World

Can we do them at the Ranch?

We took some shots by the barns, and in the cattle shoots. Then this country girl, put her daddy’s truck in 4 wheel drive and drove us to the pasture. We had all kinds of adventures, even a brief encounter with a mountain lion.

But it was all worth it.  Her face is even more beautiful than the South Texas Sunsets.


The answer is always


Let’s do your photo shoot in a spot that is a reflection of your heart.  This girl, she loves the country.



DON’T MISS OUT ON SENIOR SESSIONS.  Booking through the end of MAY 2018! 



A Lifestyle Session Giveaway

Last week for my birthday I decided to give away a present to my followers on Instagram. For anyone who followed me and tagged a few people, you got a chance to win a LIFESTYLE SESSION.  It was so incredibly fun… I had never done a giveaway before and couldn’t get enough.  It was even more exciting to announce the winner… IG winnerKaty was so excited and said it was a much needed pick-me-up to an incredibly challenging week. Katy is a fantastic teacher and the greatest mom to Kingston and Nora.  I can’t wait to take photos of her, her husband and her two GORGEOUS kids.

Thank you to everyone to participated! I really enjoyed interacting with each of you! I have lots of fun stuff coming your way!



Why Do They Grow Up?

Being a mom is one of my greatest joys.  My only regret is not picking up a camera sooner in my life so that I could capture absolutely EVERY SINGLE THING my kids ever did.

Graduating High School is such a huge accomplishment and such a fun time to be able to freeze those moments with your 18 year old. Looking back on my 18 year old self, it’s amazing how far I’ve come.  It’s so great to leave a legacy through our photos.

This is Cody. My middle child, who is strong willed, is determined to forge his own way in life, and is a fantastic musician. He is a little tough and a lot of love. His long, majestic hair is so much better than any of ours. Cody will be famous someday. He really will be.